Hi! We're Wyatt and Reyka.

We are documenting our journies to 50 countries.

At a Glance

We are videographers, writers, travelers, and teachers

We are college sweethearts who, when we graduated, decided to travel the world instead of working 9-5 jobs. We both work part-time online when not doing Youtube. Read our whole story here.

We’re currently traveling to 50 countries. Why? Just sounded fun!

Things we believe:

  • People are good everywhere you go.
  • Travel makes you a better person.
  • Life is short. Make it count.

Updated February 16th, 2024, from an Airbnb in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Quick Timeline

  • September ’17 – Met. Became friends.
  • February ’21 – Started dating.
  • June ’21 – Celebrated graduation by going to Mexico. Made some Youtube videos.
  • September ’21 – Set the goal of visiting 50 countries. Bought a camera.