Our Story

Reyka is from Westerville, Ohio. I (Wyatt) am from Bellingham, Washington. According to Reyka, the first time we met was freshman year in college when she taught me to make an ice cream sandwich by smushing soft-serve between two cookies. My memory is a bit more hazy, but it’s a cute story so we’re going with it. 

That was Freshman year, which was followed by three years of friendship, and we officially started dating on Valentine’s Day, 2021. That part I remember.

Right after graduation we jetted off to Mexico for six weeks to celebrate finishing college, and we recorded some little videos on our Iphone to keep our family and friends in the loop with what we were doing. As you’d expect, our first videos were not Spielberg masterpieces.

But they were fun. Innocent concoctions of airbnb shenanigans, burritos, guitar strumming, sunburns, and “um”s. We’ve gotten a lot better (or at least we like to think) at talking to a camera since then. 

Still, as this trip took place only three months after we started dating, it’s fun to look back and see our love for each other and travel grow on camera.

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And then. Well, we just didn’t stop. 

After Mexico we bought a camera and went to Puerto Rico for a month. Then we took one way flights to Europe where we spent the next eight months teaching English in Spain and traveling to Portugal, Italy, and France on the weekends.

We were astounded by the diversity in the world. And so we decided to set a goal of visiting 50 countries, attempting to use that excitement to create momentum towards future travels. Not letting the train stop, in a way. 

Will we make it? We don’t know.

If we do, will we stop there? Also don’t know.

But while we are young and green and healthy and capable of sleeping on cold airport benches, we are trying to see as much of the world as we can.

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