And Our Sixth Country is…

(drum roll pleaseeeeeeeee) ITALY!!!!!

First stop Pisa. You may have heard of the tower here? You know, it’s funny, the Leaning Tower of Pisa was why we came to Pisa, but the town is actually gorgeous. Set with a slow river rolling its way between green, orange and yellow buildings, I can’t help but think that even without the leaning behemoth, this peaceful oasis would likely thrive with tourists. That is, or maybe all of Italy is this stunning and we are just too green and new to understand this. Time will tell.

Next will be Florence.

This city, although commonly listed in visitors favorites, is honestly quite a mystery to us. It has the famous statue of David by Michelangelo as well as tons of museums, but we really don’t know why it’s such a favorite. We head that way tomorrow and we’re eager to have these questions answered, which undoubtedly will be included in the vlogs we release about the city.

Our third stop will be the Eternal City – Rome.

Fun fact – did you know that Rome gets its name from an ancient roman myth of two twin boys named Romulus and Remus who were raised by a wolf? As the story goes, after disagreeing on which hill the city should be built, Romulus killed Remus and built the city on his choice, the Palatine Hill, and decided to name his city after himself, hence, “Rome”. Rome is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe, and Reyka and I are really excited because we booked five entire days there. As well as vlogging, we also plan to put the camera away at times to exist and be within the Italian food, climate, and history that are all so famous.

Lastly will be Naples and its surrounding delights – Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.

All I’ve heard about Naples is that the mafia is stronger there than other places in Italy and also that it has the best pizza in all of the country. If the mafia exists we hope it’ll leave us harmless tourists alone. And if the pizza is the best in Italy then you can be darn sure we’re going to be eating it fresh for lunch and dinner, with leftovers for breakfast the next day. Besides the pizza, Pompeii has gotta be what we are most excited for after Rome.

For a bit of history, Pompeii was a hustling and bustling Roman town until 76 AD (1,946 years ago) when the thought-to-be harmless volcano next door exploded (oops). The ash layered thick on the burning buildings, hemming in the flame and preserving fantastically this Roman time capsule. Reyka and I have grown to love visiting ruins so visiting this iconic site is going to be a treat.

Then, on the way back to Ubrique where we are living currently we will stop on Mallorca for a night. Mallorca is a small Spanish island in the Mediterranean that is supposedly peaceful and full of unique culture. We don’t know much about it, but are curious to learn more.

To follow our Italy adventures, stay tuned on the Youtube Channel. However, until the exploring, filming, and editing is done to be able to post about these Italian treasures, I want to share with you our most recent video, all about Granada, Spain:

Love and Peace,

Wyatt and Reyka