Back in Mexico

January 2, 2022

Hey Friends,

This edition of the January W&R Newsletter is coming to you from the floor of our airbnb in Mazatlán, Mexico. Reyka is sitting to my left. Birds (I think they’re birds) are squeaking and squawking outside. A hammer pounds. Drops of water drip and I sit here typing another newsletter about our travels around the world.

Returning to the spot of an old vacation conjures up many feelings. There is the excitement to revisit the restaurants and sites you remember enjoying so much. There’s the deja vu - making it feel like ages (and only hours) since you last walked a street, saw a mountain, and swam between waves. And, ultimately, there is the dismay that this place never stopped existing while you were away. It's been 5 months since Reyka and I lived here and it's hard to imagine that for every minute we spent at home, in Puerto Rico, and galavanting around Europe, Mazatlán was always here.

All said, it’s good to be back.

Reyka and I just spent the last week at the El Cid All Inclusive Resort with 27 members of my nuclear and extended family. We ate an absurd amount of tacos and nachos, discovered how delicious a banana colada is, and just relished spending a tropical holiday season with loved ones. Here is a picture of a Mazatlán sunset from our four-hour yacht ride:

In other news, we are excited to evolve Wyatt and Reyka in the new year! Here are some of our goals for 2022:

More abstractly, we want to:

Anyways, that’s about it. The next month will be full of Mexico, travel back to Spain/Columbus, and a few more weeks of distance for Reyka and me before we reunite in February back in Europe.

See you next month,

Wyatt and Reyka