Delhi Belly + Youtube Update!

We have some beef to settle. More specifically, some cow. In last week’s newsletter, we debated drinking cow urine, a traditional Hindu practice thought to have numerous health benefits. Whelp – it didn’t happen. Basically, we asked multiple vendors about where we could find Gomutra (the product’s hindi name), and after they all looked at us like we were insane, we decided to find a store online. We found one and we were excited about finally trying it… and then Reyka came down with a stomach bug. AKA – Delhi Belly.

Thankfully she’s already better – having eaten dozens of potato wedges just now at the unlimited breakfast at the holiday inn. Having talked to multiple locals who have tried it, they say it tastes sour. For you, dear reader, here’s a photo of what we think our faces would do if we tried it:

should we become actors?

New Awesome Posting Schedule

Our new goal is to upload a new video every Tuesday and Saturday for the rest of 2023. Every Single Week. In the past we’ve tried a lot of different posting schedules. Once a week. Once every four days. Every other day. (We worked nonstop). But now we feel good about two times a week. We feel like it’s right in the sweet spot of ambitious and doable.

New Video to Watch:

Here’s our newest video exploring Busan in South Korea. We hiked a mountain, visited a temple on the ocean, and ate some Ssiat Hotteok, a delicious Korean street food which blends honey and nuts and stuffs them inside a pancake muffin type bread.

It was a fun time.

Anyways, that’s all for today, beautiful humans. Reyka is packing up for our red-eye flight tonight to our next country so I should probably go help her. (Hint hint – the capital rhymes with Muala Pumpur)

Have you ever traveled with friends before? Have you enjoyed our Korean series so far? Would you like spurts of videos followed by long gaps or consistent videos each week? Let us know by replying to this email!

Love and Peace,

Wyatt and Reyka

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