🎉 Exciting News! (plus what's coming next)

June 4, 2023

Happy Hug Your Cat Day and Moonshine Day. If you can celebrate both at the same time... then consider me impressed.

Anyway, judging from the Subject Line of this email, you are likely wondering what fun news we have so let's get into it.

1. We Are Reuniting Soon ❤️

For the past couple months, I have been in Bellingham, Washington and Reyka has been in Columbus, Ohio. We've both been connecting with our families, saving up money and repairing/purchasing equipment for our next trip. However, this all ends soon as I will be taking an Alaska flight (direct, yay!) from Seattle to Columbus to give Reyka the biggest hug possible and hangout there together for a while. I CANNOT wait. Next week we'll share EXCITING plans for after that! 🤪

2. We Got A Camera! (actually, a lens)

It fits on the camera of your phone, and it's a prime lens (doesn't adjust) set at 58mm. The shots with it look phenomenal, and although we were planning to buy one of those big honkin' DSLRs, the weight/size/price still doesn't feel worth it. Regardless, we're excited to try this out and finally be able to capture those distant shots and still have them be crispy.

Isn't she beautiful?

3. Country #15 Video is Out!

video preview

(Look closely at 20:34 for a hilarious accident 🤣)

That's all for this week, folks! I'm about to go watch the Finals game (Go Heat!) and the last episode of Ted Lasso with my parents before starting my second-to-last week of work tomorrow! YAY!

Have an excellent week.

Love and peace,

Wyatt (and Reyka)