⚠️ Generalization is Always Wrong

September 11, 2023

Welcome back to Sunday Monday Somewhere! It's one of Newton's Three Laws that when there is a beautiful river nearby and a kayak readily available, one must kayak in said river. Reyka will say I procrastinated in writing this. I say I obeyed the Universe.

I'll let you decide who's right 😉

Anyways, I send greetings from the Chief Timothy Campground near Clarkston in the Southeast corner of Washington State. It’s a neat spot. The Snake River runs along either side of the little island where the campground lies, giving us great views of the deserted, arid hills so common on this side of the State. Most folks don’t realize how much of Washington is actually dry and treeless. But honestly, I think the beauty over here could still rival the dense forests near the ocean.

I mean, just look at it. 😍

A Lesson

This just shows, there is often more value to a place than it is famous for.

In the Dominican Republic we expected beaches and palm trees only to drive across it and stumble across a gorgeous mountain range complete with pine trees and waterfalls.

In Ohio, where Reyka and I went to college, it's not just cornfields and OSU Buckeye flags. There are deep old caves with stalactites galore and old parks with trees that shine in dozens of colors in fall.

Generalization is always wrong somehow.

But then again, that idea’s probably too generalized to be true. 😉

Youtube Update

City tours are boring to make. They just are. Go here, film this, go there, film that. Sure, the sites are often interesting and novel, but the repetitive nature of the vlogs, along with the pressure to always be excited about another tourist site, have stifled and limited our creative passion towards the vlogs.

Therefore, it’s time to change.

This Europe trip, we will be trying to branch out into new styles of travel videos. We want to make them more dynamic, more adventure-y, more interacting with locals, more story-driven.

This will take more planning, but we are excited about the ideas we have come up with so far, and we think you’ll like what you see.

Our channel theme will continue to be our 50 country goal, but the vlogs will change. (The exceptions will be first impressions videos and food tours, which we enjoy making 😋)

New Video

Yes, it’s a city tour. But there’s a lot to Nassau, so it turned into a fun video. Recommend a trip there if you're looking for a tropical Caribbean vacation with the option to explore cool sites.

Hope you enjoy!

video preview

Please take care and have a wonderful mid-September. (Isn't it insane that it's September already? Time is insane!)


Wyatt (and Reyka)

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