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to Sunday Somewhere, the newsletter that’s been described as “the best weekly travel inspiration on the internet” by travelers such as Wyatt and Reyka and… well… a ton of others. I promise.

Also, Happy Lunar New Year everybody! We celebrated the Year of the Rabbit (Reyka’s year!) by getting dressed up in Honbaks and visiting the Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul. Photo evidence here:

What’ve we been up to?

This is our last email from Northern Asia, and I must say, South Korea has really grown on us. The food is delicious. The people are absolutely lovely. The weather is bitter cold (but it’s January. What were we expecting?)

Other cultures influence here is extremely evident. China, by mere proximity, Japan, which colonized Korea in 1905, and the US, which has held a considerable military presence here since the Korean War in the 50s. There’s truly no other place on earth you can find people celebrating the Lunar New Year, walking by five story pagodas, and driving on the right side of the road. Reyka and I are both eager to return someday and get some more amazing street food. (But hopefully in the summer.)

If any of you are thinking of dipping your toes into Asia, Japan and South Korea would be excellent first choices.

Video to watch:

Our travel day to South Korea is out now if you want to get a feel for what travel in Asia is like:

That’s all for now. Tomorrow we are going to a dog cafe and then on Wednesday we fly to Da Nang, Vietnam, followed directly by New Delhi, India. Expect a BIG KAHUNA of a Sunday Somewhere full of thoughts next week.

Thanks for reading, y’all. Please DON’T SHARE THIS WITH A FRIEND!!! EVER!!! (Like that reverse psychology there?)

Okay, I need sleep.

Peace and love,

Wyatt and Reyka

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