Hi guys, it’s Reyka 🤗

August 20, 2023

Hi guys, it’s Reyka!

I am writing the Sunday Somewhere from Columbus alone today because Wyatt is in Las Vegas for a fantasy football draft with a big group of high school friends (bros)! Based off what I have heard, they are having a wonderful time and playing a lot of blackjack. 😂

I am going to keep this short and sweet because Wyatt is definitely the wordsmith of the couple. This week was spent working hard and spending time with friends and family. I have been teaching Jazzercise and doing my online jobs and Wyatt has been cleaning salons for my cousin who has a cleaning business.

Other than that it has been editing, editing, editing! Our next vlog is coming out as soon as I can get everything together so stay tuned! In the mean time make sure to watch our most recent vlog where we explored Kingston Jamaica if you haven’t already. This video showcases our first day in Jamaica where we visit some cool places like Bob Marley’s house and Usain Bolts Restaurant!

video preview

That’s it for now, friends.

Before you go, I want to thank you so much for following along and giving us support on a daily basis. You have NO idea how much we appreciate it.


Reyka (and Wyatt)

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