It’s Good to Step Back Sometimes

Here’s a picture of me at work, dreaming of getting on airplanes again…

What’s New?

Well, Reyka has been a CHAMP recently. Of course, she’s always rather champish, but particularly in the editing arena right now she has been an absolute video production machine. She spent hours designing a new intro clip for our next vlog, coming out tomorrow. It’s on Agra, India, the home of the Taj Mahal. The storytelling, subject matter, B-Roll, and intro and outro all make this a really well put together vlog. Sure, I’m pumping up our stuff, but trust me – it’s a good one.

Speaking of video production, we are strongly considering purchasing one of those hefty cameras you see professionals lugging around soon. We’ve gotten this far on our phones and a little DJI Pocket 2, both serving us extremely well for close shots, but there are certain drawbacks we’ve noticed. If it’s dark, the shots look grainy. If the subject is far away, it’s fuzzy. There’s only one microphone, which we constantly pass back and forth… A new camera would be expensive and heavier, buuuut all those issues would likely be solved. We’ll keep you updated with what happens.

Our trusty little camera of the past 2 years.

This brings up a larger point… it’s good to step back sometimes. While on the go, we’re often sucked into the short term, the next video, or where to go next. At home, we’ve been gifted with some objectivity to analyze how we can travel better (gotta remember to workout) and create better (new camera, new ideas, etc.)

Anyways, that’s all for today y’all. The video I mentioned earlier was supposed to come out today, but Adobe Premiere Pro (our editing software) accidentally exported it with a shot from an old video in it. Watching it would be like reading a Dr. Seuss book and you turn the page and there’s Clifford, the Big Red Dog! Now wouldn’t that be con-fur-sing… (Get it? Okay, okay… It’s not my best work.)

Let us know if you have any suggestions for a camera to get!

Peace and love,

Wyatt and Reyka