JAPAN 🇯🇵 (Our 12th Country!)

November 1, 2022

Happy November Everybody!

Hope you had a splendid Halloween last night. We spent our Spooky Evening in the basement of the Bangkok airport. (There were no ghosts, don’t worry.) Below all the massage parlors, pad thai shops, and bubble tea stands lies a quiet section with a whole set of these cool little things:

A capsule hotel! There were all sorts of fancy buttons inside to change the lights and air and the mattresses inside were honestly quite comfortable. It was a bit odd hearing travelers walk by in the hallway right outside the sliding door but it didn’t stop us from getting a few hours of shut eye before jetting off to…


Yup. We are in the home of Samurai warriors, Ninjas, Pokémon, Sumo Wrestling, Origami, Anime, Sushi and more. This country is incredibly famous, beautiful, bright, busy, full, and AMAZING and we can absolutely not wait one bit to explore it and learn all about the culture, food, history, and everything here. AHHH!!

Our first impressions of Tokyo so far: a) there aren’t many tourists here yet so a lot of people look at us. b) It’s really cold compared to Thailand, where we just left. For the millionth time in my life, my mom was right. She offered to buy me warm clothes and I said I'd be fine. Truth be told, I am a bit excited to go shopping in a foreign country, something Reyka and I almost never do while traveling. c) The food is delicious... We’ve only eaten one meal at a restaurant down the street from our hotel and Reyka said the noodle broth soup was one of her favorite meals in Asia so far. We ate like royalty in Thailand and Singapore so that statement really does mean a lot.



Don't underestimate the power of a complimentary breakfast. Why? Well, because traveling can be a lot of work sometimes, and taking that first meal of the day off your plate (or on your plate?) can save you loads of time and energy to be better purposed later on.

In Bangkok we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express for a week that was just amazing. Each day we had breakfast prepared for us, our beds made, and unlimited filtered water brought to our room. Plus, there were laundry machines in the building which saved us a trip to a local laundromat.

With all this extra time and energy, we saw and did more. We visited an elephant sanctuary, took a day trip to 700 year old ruins of the city Ayutthaya, filmed a Thai street food tour and visited the reclining Buddha. We also edited more videos than we usually do and, because we had more time and the hotel had a gym, we worked out more. That’s a double win-win! A win-win-win-win, if you will!

Well, maybe one “lose”, because it did cost more. After taxes, the hotel cost $33 per night whereas an Airbnb would’ve been about $20/night. Still, this experience definitely has us considering the benefits of paying a little extra sometimes.


Our Singapore series is entirely published! We have a food vlog, a city tour, our flight journey from Chicago - Singapore, and my personal favorite:

The Singapore airport is the highest ranked in the world for good reason, and that video was a blast to make. We swam in the airport pool (airport pool?), watched a free movie, got a massage, and even visited a butterfly garden.

That’s it for today folks. I’m going to go lay down and watch the second Divergent movie with Reyka.

What did you wear for halloween? Do you prefer budget traveling or are you unafraid to splurge? Have you been to Japan? Would you ever stay in a capsule hotel?

I’d love to hear any and all reactions to this email, so just click that "Reply" button and let us know what you think 🤗


Wyatt and Reyka

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