Long Distance

Feb 1, 2022

Hey Friends,

This edition of the W&R Newsletter is coming to you from my (Wyatt’s) apartment in Ubrique, Spain. The town is already dark with a few lights still on. I sit here typing away.

Since the last letter, much has happened. Reyka and I spent another bittersweet week in Mexico. Sweet because of tacos and a beachfront condo we were lucky enough to stay at in Mazatlán. Bitter because we both got sick (tested negative for you-know-what don’t worry) and had to say goodbye.

Three weeks of teaching and working later and now it’s February. (Side note: Does anyone else love February or is that just me?)

Waiting for Reyka’s European Tourist Visa to renew has been a test in our patience. We’ve been filming informational videos, trying to provide some sort of value to the world, but informational videos are not what we want to do. We want adventure videos. We want skydiving and bungee jumping and canyoning. We want to explore cool, random cities like Granada and San Sebastian and Shanghai and Bangkok and Chang Mai and Tokyo and Helsinki and Moscow and Longyearbyen (the northernmost city in the world). Patience may be a virtue but that doesn’t mean it’s fun.

Reyka flies back to Spain in 21 days. Or 20 more sleeps. Sleeps are easier to count. After that, we plan to explore Andalucia and Spain more. Tarifa, only a few hours away, is the world capital of kitesurfing. Gibraltar is around the corner. Malaga, Nerja, etc. There will be one or two international trips (not going to disclose those yet but we’re super excited) but we really love Spain and want to see more of it while we are living here.

I’m going to leave you with two things:

1) A link to our 24 Hour Condo in Mazatlán video. We go surfing and eat delicious food and swim and relax. I wish we could go have another 24 hours 5 times over. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/AWEv-slhZ0o

2) A book recommendation: I just finished the second book in the Beartown Series titled Us Against You and it absolutely rocked me. Based in Sweden, this story rocketed the Scandinavian country up to one of the top places I want to go. Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/3ril6xo

Love and Peace,

Wyatt and Reyka