🌴 Luxurious Bahamas + Storm Scares 😱

July 30, 2023

Hey Folks,

The last seven days were a whirlwind. Unpredictable, fast, turmoil ridden, and... luxurious 😏

Our Day in Paradise

On Monday morning, we left our $45/night airbnb for a $250/night hotel - the Comfort Suites on Paradise Island. Why - you might ask?

Because you get access to this 🤯

The Atlantis Resort Water Park. We spent the day at world class beaches, beautiful pools, and on very fast waterslides. One in particular, the "Leap of Faith," rocketed you through a clear tube surrounded by sharks. I know...

But You Can Make it Even Cheaper 😎

If you are a Choice Privileges Rewards member, you can use points to book a room for 10,000 points/night - which is exactly what we did! Unfortunately, you still have to cough up $100 in resort fees. But to visit one of the best water parks in the world! Not bad if you ask me. (Also, not sure if we've mentioned it before, but we have a Travel Course in case you're interested 😉)

Flight Fiasco

That night, a gurgling, booming storm raged into Nassau, delaying our flight two hours. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. But our next flight was boarding 20 minutes after our delayed one now landed. That was a problem.

When we arrived, we sprinted for ages through a terminal, took a train, sprinted again, asked people to move in the security line, ran even more, and then made it.

Breathless, huffing and puffing, we asked the lady at our gate if the flight was gone, "DID WE MISS IT?!" We gasped.

She, calmly and confusedly, pointed to a TV, "No? The inbound just got here."

Still, in those situations it's always better to run then to risk missing your flight. Ask anyone you know who has waited in a rebooking help desk line and they'll agree with me.

Now That We're Home, We Have Videos Coming!

Recall our editing laptop screen that stopped working in Jamaica? Yeah... it stayed not working. So that means we have lots of Caribbean videos to edit.

Two days ago we finished our final Asian vlog, a budget challenge we did back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🤗

video preview

Next, we want to share our Caribbean videos with you as soon as we can. We packed a lot into those few weeks, and we're pumped to share them with you. Anyways, with that, I hope you all have an excellent end of July and beginning of August. I'm going to go eat some pierogis.


Wyatt (and Reyka)