Our Favorite City in Spain

March 1, 2022


This weekend Reyka’s IPhone fell into the Mediterranean Sea. We were walking along the beach, realized it was missing, and ran back only to find it laying amongst wet sand and the leftover foam of a washed away wave. It worked for a while, then stopped working, but now it’s sorta working again. We are trying to remain hopeful.

That all happened in Nerja, our new favorite city in all of Spain. For me, it's charm comes from the cliffs lining the ocean. Every coastline I’ve seen in my life so far has been sand or stones. It’s always a nice slope into the ocean that you can walk on and slowly dip your toes down into, if you so desire.

In Nerja there are beaches that are superb for toe dipping purposes, such as the one where the phone fell, but on either side of the town are massive cliff walls that fall over a hundred meters straight down into a frothing sea. It’s perhaps one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen. And that word, that massive all encompassing four-letter word “epic” gets thrown around a lot today, but I think it aptly describes what you see in Nerja.

It also is very friendly to foreigners too. Spaniards generally are pretty friendly, but Nerja has a high population of expats from England, France, Germany, Sweden and the United States. Reyka and I met a guy from the U.S. who worked for Boeing in Seattle and Everett for 30 years and then moved to Nerja for retirement.

The same day we went to Nerja we also went to Frigiliana. It’s a tiny town that’s a collage of white buildings and blue doors.

Then we went to Granada, which I hereby name the Place of Contrasts. It’s both a city and a town. It’s Spain and Morocco. It’s touristy but incredibly authentic. Granada is a popular destination for a reason. I feel like you could live there for a year and fall in love with it but leave with more questions than when you arrived.

Lastly, yesterday and most of today we spent in Malaga. You’ll be glad to know, the lady at the kebab shop agreed to take my peanuts and place them inside a falafel wrap.

As a result of such a nonstop weekend, we have more content than we have had in months and we are very stoked to start posting more adventurous videos again, beginning on Sunday. This Thursday, however, we will be releasing our first video dedicated entirely to how we are doing and all sorts of updates on us. It’ll include what we’ve been up to, what our plans are, and more. In general, we just want to share with everyone what’s going on. Oh yeah, it’ll also be deleted after 48 hours.

Love and Peace,

Wyatt and Reyka