Reyka Got a Parasite

March 20, 2023

Hello everybody!

How is your March going? Good? Great. This edition of Sunday Somewhere is coming to you from Bellingham, Washington, which is fast entering springtime. Feels like yesterday was the holidays, but now we're closer to June than we are to New Years! Isn't that insane?

Love in the Time of Parasites

You all saw that Subject Line, so you know that Reyka has a parasite. It's called Giardia, and we think she picked it up somewhere in India. It spreads via contaminated food or water, and given the lack of sanitation standards there this seems like a safe bet.

Originally, I thought it might be an issue adjusting to the different food and bacteria of visiting India, Malayisa, and Mexico, all back to back. When a parasite was suggested, I was very skeptical. But, as it turns out, I was wrong. And I'm very glad we are back in the US to have easy access to tests and meds to treat this.

What's next?

Just looking for work at home still. Reyka heads back to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow, so I'm going to end this newsletter quicker than usual so we can all hang out and watch March Madness together (Go Gonzaga!!!!).

An AWESOME video:

It features multiple Indian dance parties, a haircut I got on the side of the road, and even a little car accident... Hope you enjoy!

Love and Peace,

Wyatt and Reyka

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