The Scariest Flight I’ve Been On In Years

Hey friends,

It’s me, Wyatt. I missed you! Did you miss me? Or maybe you loved Reyka’s edition of the newsletter and want her to substitute in more often? I sure do. I don’t get to read Reyka’s writing often but when I do, I love it. Even though she claims to not be a “wordsmith,” I think her voice still shines through.

Crazy Vegas

Ringing bells, flashing lights, waterfalls that coincide with music, an Eiffel Tower, nightclubs so fancy and large they charge you 50$ per drink. Cards, roulette, dice, slot machines…

Vegas is like another planet.

While there, I had an excellent time reconnecting with old friends – something I prioritize a LOT because it’s so easy to put off catching up and getting together.

Recommendation: While in Vegas, don’t just gamble. There are concerts, act-based shows, and you can even find activities like skydiving and paint balling there, if that’s your thing.

Turbulence, Turbulence, Turbulence

The seatbelt sign came on early. I thought nothing of it. Then the pilot came on and told us to expect some turbulence on our descent into Las Vegas.

By “some,” the pilot should have said an “absolute TON.”

We’re talking jostling up and down, left and right, huge drops. Me and my neighbor were gripping our arm rests like they were our salvation.

After we finally landed, he leaned over and told me that he’d been on hundreds of flights before and that that turbulence was the worst he’d ever experienced.

Honestly, as scary as that flight was, it reinforced my trust in airplanes. If a plane can withstand that much bending and bouncing and still be fine, then why worry? The flight attendants sure weren’t – they laughed and joked the whole time.

New Video!

video preview

It’s a fun glimpse into Jamaica’s touristic scene while also showing you some of its most stunning nature. We’re really excited about the general quality of the filmmaking in it and in our Jamaica series as a whole.

Anyways, I’m going to go check on Reyka to see how the next vlog is coming. She’s editing it now — a Jamaican Food Tour — which should come out either tomorrow or the next day!

Hope y’all have a happy start to September!


Wyatt (and Reyka)

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