Thoughts on Jamaica + Country #17 😜

July 16, 2023

Greetings from a bus in the inner mountains of Jamaica. Green, shrouded in clouds, and rolling into the distance, they make for pleasing scenery during our three hour journey from Montego Bay to Kingston.

Such a small island!

From Kingston, we catch a flight tomorrow to country #17 of…. drum roll please….. read to the end to find out! 😜

Overall Impressions of Jamaica

Up Next: Bahamas! 🇧🇸

Tomorrow we fly to Nassau. It's the capital city, and it basically stretches across an entire island - Providence Island. We have an airbnb in the city, which we plan to use as our home-base as we explore, make some friends, eat some food, and just check out what's going on.

Travel Tip: GADCTSYD

That stands for: Get a Debit Card That Stretches Your Dollars

Enter: Charles Schwab Debit Card

This debit card seems to be made for travel. You avoid ATM scams with terrible exchange rates. You avoid paying ATM fee after ATM fee, because they all get refunded. It works at any ATM, so you don't have to desperately hope your one lone bank in the area is open and has cash.

The last perk is potentially the most valuable feature of the card, for anyone who has had a compromised/lost debit card in a foreign country will know. I've been sent two replacement cards in both Mexico and Spain and they've arrived within a few days for free.

For more AWESOME travel tips like this, you can check out our Travel Course for Free with a Free Trial to Skillshare:

Travel Hacking - From Beginner to Nomad

Anyway, we'll be up early tomorrow, so it's probably time for bed.


Wyatt (and Reyka)