Time, Spain, and Chili.

Friends and Family,

Time never ceases to freak me out. It’s December??? Why does time seem to pass faster the older we become? Is it because we get busy? Or, as we get older, does each passing moment feel smaller in proportion to the rest of our lives, which is constantly growing?

Anywaaaayyyys… What’s new?

Reyka is in Columbus, I am still in Ubrique. It was a teary goodbye three weeks ago at the bus station, but that’s okay because we’ll be together again soon. Since leaving, Reyka has been teaching dance classes, working her remote social media job, and also editing videos all while managing the Wyatt and Reyka social media accounts. It goes without saying that she’s an absolute champ.

Meanwhile, I have been hiking, teaching, trying my best to get fluent in Spanish (“Puedes repetir por favor?” – can you please repeat that?”), and building up some solid friendships. I had a cold a few weeks back that wiped me out for a while, and I made a meeeeean batch of vegetarian chili last night. That’s about it.

Future Plans

  1. I GO TO MILAN FREAKIN’ ITALY ON FRIDAY!!!!! I’m visiting two good friends who live there and in nearby Switzerland. Stay tuned for the vlogs!!!
  2. Aaaaand – Reyka and I are flying back to Mazatlán, Mexico to spend the holidays with a TON of family! (Seriously, like 28 people are coming. Combining family, being with Reyka again, burritos, beaches, and Christmas all in one? I. Cannot. Wait. To my wonderful Papa and Grandma – thank you sooooo much for putting this Mexico trip together. Reyka and I keep counting down the days until we get there. Love you and see you soon!

And just like that we end our fourth ever Newsletter. The next one will be sent in 2022!!!!

New vid to check out:

Our Portuguese Soccer Experience (It’s a fun one!): https://youtu.be/qomD9SQ2j8w

Peace and love,

Wyatt and Reyka