UPDATES ( + Cat Meme)

Hope you are all doing absolutely splendid! How wonderful is the Spring? It’s slowly turning into my favorite season. Anyways, I have good news and bad news. Which do you like first?

Bad News

Today’s newsletter is going to be a short one.

Good News

It will have a cat meme. Not only that, but a travel cat meme.


  • Working! Went to Point Roberts (super interesting place, read about it here) and Deception Pass last week flagging, and boy have I realized how beautiful Washington is. I mean, come on….
Deception Pass, Washington
  • Reyka’s working too! We are counting down the days to be back together and start traveling soon. We’ve figured out ways to really cut flight prices down, but that’s a subject for another newsletter.

Your Cat Travel Meme:

Isn’t that the cutest? Hope this kitty energy can help you all have a wonderful day and week. Please click “reply” to write us with any and all thoughts you may possibly have and would like to share about the most beautiful state in the USA, the cat meme, or anything else.


Wyatt (and Reyka)