February 19, 2023

Gooooooooood morning and welcome back to Sunday Somewhere, the newsletter that you've been dying to read all week and is finally here. You're welcome.

This week we are in rainy but wonderful Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Country #15! Woohoo!

This is fast becoming one of our favorite cities. It’s like Singapore but more relaxed, India but less chaotic, and Korea/Japan but less expensive. What’s not to love?

Oh yeah. And the food is outstanding.

Malaysia First Impressions:

A New Style of Video:

It's a good one. We put Burger King head-to-head with No Brand Burger, a burger chain in South Korea! Watch to learn which won!

Anyways, that’s it for today folks! I'm curious why Malaysia isn't as famous as other Asian countries. Or is it? Any ideas? Respond by hitting "reply" to this email 😋

Selamat tinggal,

Wyatt and Reyka

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